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Welcome to the AdventureQuest Worlds Wiki, a wiki for AQWorlds, a game by Artix Entertainment, a company based in USA. they have made a lot of other games that are being covered by other wiki's.

Before getting started editing, please reference our guide and policies on editing. Please note that the Sysops may edit or add to these as needed, so refer back to them regularly to keep up-to-date regarding editing policies. Please also note that this Wiki has a number of Templates that we use for various pages on the wiki. Please be sure to utilize these templates to keep the uniformity across all pages.

The Monster's Mp is 100 now not 30,and Armor's Skills are way low in MP use.We could use some help editing.Battle On

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  • new page Ledgemayne
    created by Malikpayne
    New page: [1] Ledgermayne is the seventh of the 13 Lords of Chaos Edit History[2]Edit Ledgermayne was originally a mass of mana floating in the...

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  • new page Robina
    created by Malikpayne
    New page: Robina the Hood is a Ranger and bounty hunter who loves adventure, gold, and fighting monsters. She is often quoted as saying something along the...
  • new page Artix
    created by Malikpayne
    New page: "Greeting and salutations! I see you like to train as a Paladin? Paladins are knight who defend all that is good in the world, while at the same time...
  • new page Drakath
    created by Malikpayne
    New page: Drakath was the leader of the Darkwolf Bandits, a collection of thieves from the areas surrounding the town Falconreach. He went on to become the...
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